Life with sheep

Får på bete

Since May 2017, we've had a flock of Åland sheep at Antons, which brings us great joy. Not only are they delightful to watch from the bedroom window, but they are also fantastic lawn mowers!


Får vid Prästgården på Hamnö

The Åland sheep happily graze on herb-rich natural pastures, which are abundant here on Kökar. During the summer, the ewes, ewe lambs, and castrated male lambs are spread out across Kökar to keep the landscape open. In the winter months, they move back to their home enclosure to feed on the hay bales provided by the summer harvest.

In the picture above, you see a group of freshly sheared ewe lambs enjoying their summer grazing on Hamnö :)

Tacka i profil


The Åland sheep, previously known as "archipelago sheep," is a hardy and active breed that once lived on the rugged cliffs of the Åland archipelago. They are small in size with a wide variety of colors. Their skins are often of high quality, and their fine wool is popular among craftsmen.



Work with sheep

Working with sheep is very diverse, which makes it enjoyable! Springtime is bustling with lambing. Then comes shearing, a labor-intensive task until you find the right technique. Summer is harvest time, when fodder is collected and stored for winter feeding in large bales. In autumn, the ram lambs are sent for slaughter, and the ewes are once again bred by the lead ram.