Ari Linna shares

“When you think of birds and Kökar, Antons Guesthouse is like a nest for birdwatchers. It's comfortable, warm, and close to many of Kökar's best birdwatching areas. Birdwatching can start right from the steps of the residences, in great terrain for various passerines, and the most valuable spots for observing bird migration are conveniently near Antons, even within walking distance, like the mountains behind the church or the coast guard station.”

Ari Linna

“I myself have been enjoying the services of Antons year-round since the 1980s when Antons was renovated with additional insulation. That was also the time to start coming to Antons for birdwatching in the winter. Before that, in the mid-1970s, I and my friends from Turku had a wild excursion when we overnighted in the cold waiting room in Harparnäs. Now, in these improved conditions, it's a great joy to see how the winter migration almost blends into the start of spring migration and to be there at the same time as the first signs of spring appear. It's a shared sentiment among the groups I've brought to Antons and Kökar in the winter, that it's something different, an experience you can't get without being there, amidst nature. Nature when it's at its palest, simplest, and most beautiful. You might find your peak seasons at other times, but Antons is also open then!”


En Mandarinand i vattnet utanför Kökar skola våren 2017

A Mandarin duck in the water outside Kökar school in spring 2017